How do I Change my Name on a Brussels Airlines Ticket?

Mistakes are easy to occur, and a human is prone to make mistakes. The booking of Brussels Airlines is one such facility that can be easily made. And with the booking, if you have some changes or made some mistakes, then you can go through to land on the official website of the airline and then get to make the changes. However, before making any changes, you must need to learn about what are the allowances, policies, and other required details. Go through the information given in the content for the help needed. Also, the following information shall act as a guide to guard you through the process as needed.

Name Change Policy of Brussels Airlines

To make any changes to the booking, you just understand the guidelines and the required terms and conditions. Read through the Brussels Airlines Name Correction Policy and then proceed on to the process given next. These are explained well in the points as follows:

  • On Brussels Airlines tickets, only one reissue is allowed for name correction. A complete name change is also prohibited. The ticket you hold is nontransferable to another person other than the original owner of the same. 
  • Each passenger is permitted to change one request for a correction. Any additional alterations to the passenger's personal information are not covered by the Brussels change passenger name policy. 
  • If a Brussels Airlines name correction request has been processed and still needs to be updated, new tickets must be issued. 
  • Only three character changes in total are permitted. Anything over that is prohibited. Moreover, transfer of ownership is prohibited as well. 

What changes are allowed to be made on Brussels Airlines? 

With the booking you hold in Brussels, for the changes you are looking to make to the passenger’s name on the booking, you must understand what is allowed as per the Name Change Policy of Brussels Airlines. The allowances are listed as follows: 

  • A minor name change to any three of the character alterations on the same PNR is allowed. 
  • The PNR must be updated with the newly changed name, and the Passenger Details must match the passport or other government-issued documentation. You shall receive the new ticket to the registered email address. 
  • It is possible to change the middle names. The airline defrages the traveler and offers a separate ticket number in his name if there are several people on the reservation. 
  • The date of birth and gender of the passenger cannot be modified along with the name change process. 
  • Changes brought on by marriage, divorce, and adoption are also permitted, as are changes from nicknames to real names. 

What is the fee applicable to changing the passenger’s name on Brussels Airlines? 

With regard to going through to Brussels Airlines Name Change process, you will have to learn about the fee that you must pay for the same. The fees that you must pay for the changes you are looking to make are explained below: 

  • A basic fee of $25 shall be applicable to change the name of the passenger for help. Pay the required fee through the process and then amke the changes. 
  • If the booking you hold is agreed to not amke any change, then you have to contact the airline and make the changes on request. You will have to pay the basic fee along with the fare difference of the booking. 

How do I make changes to the name of the passenger on a Brussels Airlines booking? 

The reservation you hold on Brussels Airlines can conveniently go through the changes you want to make using the given methods, i.e., online and call. You can follow the mentioned steps below for the changes you wish to make can be easily done. 

Online : The online process includes the given steps from the manage booking option. These are as follows: 

  • Visit Brussels Airlines’ official website. 
  • From the My Bookings section, retrieve the reservation using the booking reference number of Brussels and last name of the passenger. 
  • Then, on the Brussels Airlines' booking summary page, click on the menu list and choose the name change option. 
  • Make the related changes and then confirm the same after making the payments. 
  • Upon getting it done, you shall receive a confirmation from the airline for the help you seek to avail.

Call : You can also make the changes to the booking through the call process. You can find the contact number following the given steps from the procedure: contact the executive and then ask the same to guide you through the process to get it done on your behalf. 

  • Land on the homepage and then navigate to reach out to their contact page. 
  • Scroll to the call center option. 
  • From the call option, you will get the number 1 800 401 1801. Dial and connect with the executive for the help.

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