Can You Change a Name on a Copa Airlines Ticket?

During air travel, you must be careful with the information you share with the airlines. Copa Airlines allows its passengers to alter their names on flight tickets. A slight name change or typing error can be made without any charges, but in some conditions, the airlines do charge. Let's delve into more details.

Copa Airlines name change policy

Copa Airlines offers flexibility to some extent in their name change rules. If you are one of the people who needs to do corrections in their name on the Copa flight, then you can do it quickly.  A few of the significant Copa Airlines name change policy is given here; read them carefully:

  • Only the unused part of the ticket will be counted for the name change on Copa Airlines.

  • To request with Copa regarding the name change, you need to submit the Copa Airlines name correction form.

  • According to the Copa name change policy, an individual can make only one modification to their ticket.

  • Simultaneously changing your first and last name on a Copa flight is prohibited.

  • As per Copa name change conditions, more than 3 character corrections are not permitted for first, middle, and last names collectively.

Conditions where you can change the name on Copa flight ticket

You should learn about specific scenarios where the Copa Airlines name change policy is applicable and where it is not.  Here are some circumstances for Copa Airlines name change on the ticket; walk through these:โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

1. First or last name got exchanged

  • Inverted name- In a condition where the first and second names got interchanged.

  • Surname got reversed- When the passenger's first name gets flipped with the passenger's surname.

  • First and last, both got reversed- at the time of reservation, the passenger's first name and surname were exchanged with each other. 

2. Second name or surname place is vacant or deleted 

  • On the passenger's passport or photo ID verified by the government, nothing is mentioned on the page of the second name or the last name.

3. Insertion of first name or surname

  • The first or middle name is not mentioned, but one of the names is printed on the ticket. 

4. Some more conditions 

  • The surname is the same. In some situations, the issued ticket shows the surname twice. 

  • Hyphen- you can insert a hyphen without disturbing the first and last names. 

  • Last name of the children- If your name on the ticket differs from the government-approved documents. 

  • In case of Marriage/Divorce- If a person has gone through marriage or  the procedure of divorce and their surname varies according to their marriage-related documents or the papers related to divorce 

What are the ways to fix errors on Copa flight tickets?

If you realize that the name of your Copa ticket is misspelled, it is reversed, or in some other situation, you will panic. You need to be relaxed because Copa air name correction can be done using a few methods. These methods will instantly offer you the support to fix errors on your Copa flight tickets: 

  • Cancel and rebook your flight

  • Contact Copa executive

  • Share the documental proofs

Cancel your flight

Copa allows their passengers to cancel their flights according to their preferences. If you cancel your ticket within the risk-free duration, you need not pay any cancellation charges; however, if you cancel your ticket after 24 hours, you may be eligible to pay the penalty. After the cancellation, you can book a new flight, but his time be a little more attentive while writing your details. 

Contact Copa executive

If you want personalized help, you can communicate with one of the advisors of Copa by using the phone number. Copa Airlines has a helpline number that solves the issues of the passengers related to the flight. Dial their customer service helpline number and receive their help immediately. On the Copa website, you can easily find the phone numbers according to your country/region.

Share the documental proofs.

A passenger must submit legal documents to the airline if there is a mismatch between their name on the ticket and their government ID. Suppose a passenger just got married or divorced; the airline can restrict you from boarding the flight in these situations. Hence, you resolve your problem but must show your documents as proof. 

What are the charges for Copa Airlines name changes?

The name change fee is applied to Copa's tickets based on some rules. The Copa Airlines name change fee is given below; please have a look before taking any alterations:

  • If you book the Copa ticket with any travel agency, the airline can charge you 50 USD for an individual ticket (for Colombia).

  • For a passenger who asked for the name change followed by the change in flight, time, or place, the amount can be up to 75 USD per ticket (applicable in Colombia).

  • If you are flying to international destinations, the penalty charges will be decided according to fare charges. 

  • If members who belong to the Gold and Silver Prefer program, Star Silver, and Star Golder programs purchased the tickets by contacting a travel agency for a name change, they will also be charged.


To sum up, Copa Airlines does not compromise with security checking and follows it strictly. If there is any mistake on your ticket, this guide will let you know about Copa Airlines name change policy and processes; read it carefully. 

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