Can I Change Passenger Name on Singapore Airlines?

There are many travelers who somehow end up inserting incorrect names, and they wonder whether they can make Singapore Airlines name change or not; they must know that Yes, they are eligible to make name changes to their already booked tickets if they fulfill the policies set by airlines and pay name change fees. The details regarding the policies to make name corrections on Singapore Airlines are provided in the subsequent section.

What are Singapore Airlines' name change policies?

No matter whether you wish to make a minute spelling modification or an entire name change on your already booked tickets, always make sure you are considering all the details of Singapore Airlines name change policy. Those ticket holders who wish to make changes on Singapore Airlines need to take care of the following important name change policies:

  • Singapore Airlines ticket holders cannot make complete name changes, as tickets cannot be transferred to another customer.

  • Singapore Airlines enables customers to change the salutation of their names.

  • Customers can modify up to three characters or more on Singapore Airlines tickets.

  • Customers who wish to add a middle name to their tickets are eligible for the modifications. 

  • Customers can also change their name if the reasons are legal, marriage, or divorce.

  • Ticket holders are not eligible to make name corrections on Singapore Airlines once the trip begins.  

Can name changes on Singapore Airlines be made online?

Yes, name modifications on Singapore Airlines can be made directly using the online approach. Customers are expected to fill out the Singapore Airlines name change request form to register their name change request. Customers who already hold Singapore Airlines tickets can refer to the sequential online steps given below to make name changes:

  • Visit the Singapore Airlines website.

  • Select the "Manage booking" option under plan travel.

  • A six-character reference code and the traveler's last name must be filled in to find your ticket.

  • As you get your ticket, you must click on name correction.

  • Make the changes that are permitted by Singapore Airlines.

  • Save name changes made.

  • End the name change process by paying the name change fee.

Contact Singapore Airlines for name correction:

Ticket holders can also make name changes to their booked tickets by contacting customer services. Sometimes, Singapore Airlines ticket holders cannot proceed with the online approach. In that case, they can get help from customer services. They can get their name corrected by calling Singapore Airlines. The official phone number must be dialed: 65-9184-8888 to initialize the process. Callers will get through Singapore Airlines name change handling representative as they hear and obey the automated instructions. Callers are expected to provide the initial flight booking number and traveler's name as printed on the ticket to get their ticket discovered. Now, they must provide their name change requirement. If the request is in accordance with the set terms and conditions, then the airline representative will make the changes. One thing must be evident in the minds of customers: name changes are not available for free. Also, to confirm their modifications, they must not forget to provide validating documents. The airline representative will reissue a new ticket with the correct name on verifying documents.

Reach the Airport to request a name change on your Singapore Airlines tickets:

Customers who are not comfortable with the procedures already discussed above to make changes to the spellings or name on issues Singapore Airlines can directly reach the reservation counter at the airport and request the representatives to help them with modification. The airline representative will ask why the changes are made and help customers once they have handled all the documents.

Can name changes be made for free on Singapore Airlines?

One of the most searched questions regarding Singapore Airlines name change is how to skip paying name correction charges. If you also wish to make Singapore Airlines name correction, then you need to fulfill the following important policies;

  • Ticket holders can make changes for free up to three characters within the initial 24 hours of booking.

  • If they have made group reservations via Singapore Airlines, then name corrections can be made for free until a ticket is issued.

Is it possible to add a middle name to the already-booked Singapore tickets?

Yes, Singapore Airlines permits customers to add middle names to their tickets even if they forget to add them initially during flight reservations. In some cases, customers are also eligible to change their first name to last name if they, by mistake, end up messing up during booking.

What fee must be paid to Singapore Airlines for a name change:

Customers must pay the name change fee to make changes to Singapore Airlines. Now, you must be wondering about the Singapore Airlines name change fee, so you must be clear that this air carrier charges approximately $50 for modifications. However, this fee might vary according to certain conditions.

What documents must be handled by Singapore Airlines to get the name changed on tickets?

To get name corrections on Singapore tickets, ticket holders must provide all the documents validating their requests. Travelers need to be available with the following essential documents to get their names modified on Singapore Airlines tickets:

  • They must provide their identification document, such as a passport.

  • They must provide legal documents that support their name change.

  • If their reason for name change is marriage or divorce, then they must be available with the corresponding documents.

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