Can You Change the Name on a Ticket on Aegean Airlines?

There is a fact that looking away for seconds while doing some work may result in errors, and this rule fits best when booking a flight. Suppose you reserved a flight ticket with Aegean Airlines and misspelled your name, and then you wonder about change name Aegean Airlines rules, policy, charges, etc., so you can modify the same in the meantime. So, you are requested to take note of the following discussion;

Is it possible to modify the ticket name on Aegean Airlines?

Regarding the rules, you can change the misspelled name on your Aegean Airlines flight ticket. However, you have to be eligible under its policy.

Understand the Aegean name change policy.

To know the different factors associated with Aegean flight ticket name change, you are requested to go through the Aegean name change policy. This will highlight all the aspects, for example, how many letters are permitted to change, charges, when to complete the method to avoid any fee, etc. So, take a look and understand;

  • You are eligible for a name change if you have reserved a flight under your maiden name instead of your married surname or vice-versa.

  • You can modify up to 3 characters in either the first name or the surname.

  • You can change your name if you have booked your itinerary with a nickname but not a full name.

  • If you modify any name within 24 hours of the booking, the airline may not charge any additional fare.

  • If you have swapped the name, for example, instead of surname, you have typed the name; in such cases, you may also modify the journey.

  • You cannot transfer your existing flights to other travelers after changing a name.

  • You may have to present the legal document to the airline for a complete name change.

  • No allowance is granted by Aegean Airlines to modify the full name.

  • For any other information, you are advised to get in touch with the airline, who will iron out all the issues related to the same.

How do you change the name on the Aegean Airlines flight ticket?

For the Aegean name correction, you have to be well aware of the windows through which you can modify your flight ticket name on Aegean Airlines, and the steps for the same are the following; please have a look;

Change your name via the website.

If you are not modifying your flight ticket name after 24 hours, you can save additional costs imposed by the airline. However, there are some steps you need to follow, and those are highlighted below; please have a look:

  • Visit the official webpage of Aegean Airlines to begin the mode to begin the mode.

  • Go to the "Manage My Trips" tab, enter the PNR Number, name, date, etc., and search for your flight.

  • Choose your flight and go to the "Edit my itinerary."

  • Make the changes in your name (however, up to 3 characters are permitted to be changed).

  • Make the fee (if asked) and submit the process.

Call the representative and request. 

If you carry the wrong or misspelled name on your fight ticket and it does not match your passport, you may get a denial to get aboard. Thus, to avoid such instances, you are recommended to dial the Aegean Airlines phone number 1 833 732 8158, where the official will be assigned to listen to your concerns associated with the name change or correction and complete it. However, you may have to showcase the valid document to validate your request. Ensure to listen to the IVR carefully so you can choose one of them for a real person over a call. 

Approach the airport and request.

The third method you can consider to modify your misspelled name on Aegean Airlines is by approaching the airport. You must visit the airport with all the supportive documents to present them to the official. However, remember that some fees can be imposed by the airline.

What is the flight ticket name change fee of Aegean Airlines?

People often wonder about the charges imposed by Aegean Airlines for modifying the flight ticket name. So, to know about the same, you are suggested to dive into the pints that are highlighted below; please have a look:

  • The Aegean name change fee may begin from EUR 23, which varies from the number of letters or alphabets you change.

  • These charges also vary irrespective of number of letters you change.

  • For more information, you should approach the Aegeran Airlines' support team, who will iron out the issues.

Is it possible to transfer a flight to someone else?

Regarding Agean name correction rules, you are given permission to modify the misspelled name from the flight ticket, but you may not be allowed to transfer the ticket to someone else.

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