An inclusive guide on 'How to Reserve a Flight with Pegasus Airlines?'

Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish Low-Cost airline known to provide the best services at reasonable prices. The airline provides flexibility in booking, where you can reserve your seats in advance and freeze the price for a certain period. Later, you can complete the booking by visiting the Manage My Booking section on the website. In the article, you will learn more about Pegasus Airlines Reservation, ways to get cheap ticket prices, and many more, so stay connected until the end. 

How to reserve a flight at Pegasus Airlines?

There are several ways to reserve a flight at Pegasus Airlines. Via or calling 0888 228 1212 and the Pegasus Mobile App, you can book your flight and then purchase it later using the perusal details stored by the system. Here is the step-by-step process given:  

  • First, sign in to or download the Pegasus mobile app
  • Go to the booking page, enter the departure and arrival points and travel dates, and create a list of available flights. 
  • You can choose the flight packages such as Basic, essential, Advantage, business, and Flex.
  • You can choose the suitable flight, make the additional selection, and provide passengers information.
  • You can then reserve the ticket and secure it.
  • Besides purchasing the Pegasus Flex, you can convert your ticket into an open one. This provides flexibility if you want to travel internationally.

Pegasus Airlines: Cheapest Flights

You can also avail of Pegasus Airlines: Cheapest Flights by following various tips and hacks listed here: 

Calendar/ Chart View:  If you are flexible with the dates, you can get the cheapest flight ticket using the calendar/chart view on the website. You can make the decision quickly by looking at the best price on each date of the month on a single-screen 

Don't Miss these offers: You can watch out for special deals Pegasus offers throughout the years. You can also purchase cheap tickets, earn extra BolPoints, or take advantage of other services. 

Mobile App: You can also download the Pegasus mobile app for free, buy flight tickets anytime, and manage all steps on your journey in a single screen.

Using the BolPoints: If you are a BolBol member, you can earn the BolPoints from flights and book the ticket using BolBol points for free from Pegasus partners.

How to Book Pegasus Airlines Flights & Reservations? 

After your ticket is reserved, you can book your Pegasus Airlines Flights & Reservations by visiting the Manage My Booking section on the website or through the mobile app. Here is the whole process: 

  • Get on the official website of Pegasus Airlines
  • Locate the manage my booking section on the top of the screen
  • Enter the reservation code/ PNR number and the surname, and click 'Next.'
  • The system will take you to the Sales Page, where you can clear the payment and follow the prompt to complete the purchase.

Conclusion: You can easily make a Pegasus Airlines Reservation anytime by walking through the information above. Once the reservation is done for the specific period, you have enough time to complete the booking. For more information or any confusion, call Pegasus phone number 0888 228 1212 and speak to the agent directly. 

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