How to Check in with Swoop Airlines by Different Available Modes

Passengers having Swoop flight reservations can connect with the reservations department at Swoop for getting check-in-related details from the customer service representatives working at the airline. People can also refer to the below-mentioned information in order to contemplate the check-in process for their Swoop flight bookings. So without much ado, let us consider the Swoop check-in process for a Swoop flight reservation. 

Does Swoop Offer Online Check-in? 

People having Swoop flight bookings are able to check-in for their flights using the online flight check-in options for their flight bookings made at Passengers can opt for online check-in at Swoop Airlines using either of the following: 

  • Website check-in for Swoop reservations. 
  • Mobile check-in for Swoop reservations. 

The online flight check-in opens for Swoop flight reservations 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the concerned flight booking. The online check-in window closes 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight departure for your international as well as domestic flight booking. 

How to Check in with Swoop Airlines?

Multiple ways are available to perform check-in for Swoop airlines., passengers are able to check in for their flight booking at using the below-mentioned ways: 

  • Check-in using the mobile application 
  • Web check-in for flights. 
  • At the airport check-in using via the check-in counter. 
  • Kiosks check in at the airport for your flight.

Web Check-in Process: 

  • People need to visit the official website of Swoop airlines in order to initiate web check-in for their flight reservations. 
  • Once you are on the website access the flight check-in option and on the next page passengers need to provide some information in order to access the web check-in option for their Swoop flights. 
  • People need to select the airport from the drop-down list for their flight booking at Swoop airlines. 
  • Next, enter the reservation code followed by your name and last name and hit the submit option present at the bottom of the page. 
  • Complete the on-screen instructions for completing web check-in for your flight reservation at Swoop airlines.

Apart from Online check-in at Swoop Airlines people are able to commence check-in for their flights by mobile app check-in for their flight reservations at Swoop airlines. All you need to do is download the Swoop application and start online check-in at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. 

People need to mention their flight details and personal details in order to complete online flight check-in for their scheduled reservation. 

Swoop Airlines Counter Check-in at the Airport

People need to reach the airport well in time in order to check-in for their flight bookings at Swoop airlines. You can connect with the reservations department at Swoop in order to get help and assistance with Swoop check-in. Get the required details by communicating with the reservations professionals at Swoop by dialing the customer service helpline number available online at under the contact us option. 

  • Passengers must be present at the airport in accordance with the flight bookings. For instance, if you have an international flight booking you need to be present at the airport well in time and at least three hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. This deadline applies if you are checking baggage for your Swoop flight booking. 
  • People need to be present at the airport at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure in case of a domestic flight reservation. Also, people need to be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the flight departure. 
  • The check-in deadline for Swoop flights in case of an international flight is 60 minutes and 45 minutes for a domestic flight reservation. All airport check-in opens three hours before the scheduled departure time.


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