How Early Can I Check-in on Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines is the biggest and best airline in Belgium. It offers a platform to perform most of the operations related to their flight online for passengers' convenience, such as booking/cancellation, check-in, seat selection, etc. Passengers sometimes need to check in early to select their preferred Seat for a comfortable journey. 

The Brussels Airlines check-in time depends on the mode you are using for it. You can check in to your flight as early as 24 hours before the departure and as late as 1 hour before the scheduled departure through the customer service desk at the airport. You can see the methods below for a better understanding.

Method 1- Online Check-in:

You can move ahead to Brussels Airlines check-in online to save your time standing in a queue at the airport, and also, you can do it 24 hours before the departure. You must replicate the steps mentioned below to help yourself with this.

  • Open the website
  • Hit the Check-in option at the top of the Menu Bar.
  • You need to enter your Booking/ Ticket number and Family name to see your booking details.
  • Select the flight you want to check in and click the same option.
  • You can now select the Seat or skip it to get a Seat randomly from the airline.
  • They will send you the boarding pass attached to an endorsement email.

Method 2- Mobile Check-in:

Mobile check-in is another possibility to get your boarding pass. You can also do it 24 hours before the departure by simply obeying the steps below.

  • Open the Brussels Airlines mobile app on your phone.
  • Sign in to your account and tap the My Booking option in the Menu.
  • Tap the desired booking and again Tap the check-in option, and you are done.
  • You will get the e-boarding pass on your phone and in your email.

Method 3- Automated check-in:

It is the best option if you are a Miles & More enrolled passenger at Brussels Airlines. You only need to register for the service through their website's Miles & More section. They will check in to your flight on your behalf 24 hours before the scheduled departure and send you the boarding pass attached to an endorsement email to your registered email id.

Method 4- Self-help Kiosk:

You can proceed to Brussels Airlines check-in through a self-service kiosk at the airport to save time standing in a queue at the Customer Service desk. You can do it even 1 hour before the scheduled departure in the way below.

  • Visit your departure Airport and find the Kiosk for Brussels Airlines.
  • Enter your PNR/ Booking number to see your boarding pass on the screen.
  • Give the print command to get the printed copy instantly.

Method 5- At the Customer Service Desk

It is the most preferred way if you have trust issues with online mode. You only need to visit the desk with your e-ticket and government-issued Id proof. After checking in, they will verify your details and hand over the physical boarding pass, and you can proceed with the security check.

How long does it take to check-in at Brussels Airport?

The check-in time at Brussels Airport depends on your booked flight route. However, you can visit the airport for your Brussels Airlines flight at approximately:

  • Two hours before the planned departure for a domestic flight and it goes up to
  • Three hours in case of an International/ long-haul flight.

How many bags can you check on Brussels Airlines?

The number of Brussels Airlines check-in baggage depends on your booked fare. You can read the points below to learn about them in detail.

  • You are permitted to carry one checked bag with B.Light, and B. Flex fare type and it goes up to 2 bags with B.Business for a short-haul flight.
  • For the flights heading to Tel Aviv, you can carry one checked bag in Economy Class and two in Business Class.
  • In a Brussels Airlines long-haul flight, passengers can carry one checked bag in Economy class and two in Business class.

How do I check my baggage allowance on Brussels Airlines?

There are several ways to check for the baggage allowance. You can check it on your flight ticket or through the Baggage calculator on the airline's website. However, the baggage allowance depends on your travel class, route, and frequent flier status. You can also get the Brussels Airlines check-in baggage price to be paid online through their website in the manner described below.

  • To start with, Open the website
  • Click the Retrieve Booking option under the Plan & Manage section in the Menu Bar.
  • Enter your Booking Code and Last name to see your flight details and the allowed baggage limit per passenger.

What is the weight limit for luggage on Brussels Airlines?

The Brussels Airlines check-in baggage weight varies according to your travel class. You are required to prepare your bags as mentioned in the points below.

  • If you are traveling in an Economy class, you are allowed to carry a bag not weighing more than 23 kg (50 pounds) and not more extensive than 158 linear centimeters (length+width+height)
  • You are allowed to carry a bag not weighing more than 32kg (70 pounds) and not more extensive than 158 linear centimeters if you are traveling in a Business class. 

How to drop off your bags at Brussels Airlines?

If you are already checked in online to your Brussels Airlines flight and are only required to drop your bag, then you can use the modes below.

  • Check-in desks: Passengers can hand over the bag to the dedicated Brussels Airlines check-in desks staff, who will prepare the baggage tag and send it to the airport's baggage handlers.
  • Baggage drop-off units are available at limited airports like London Heathrow, Geneva, Copenhagen, etc. It is the best way to check your bags if you have already checked in to your flight. You only need to visit the self-service baggage drop-off units at the airport and scan your boarding pass. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you are done.


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