How do I contact Pegasus in Turkey?

Pegasus Airlines is based in Turkiye and is known for its low fares. Several budget travelers would like to book with the airline to reach their desired destination, as the airline offers all the necessary amenities at a low cost. Now, if you possess some questions before flying with Pegasus Airlines and would like to consider speaking with an official in Turkey, there are many help options that you can opt for. Pegasus Airlines' customer service in Turkey is approachable, with some means described briefly in this context. 

How do I get in touch with Pegasus Airlines in Turkey?

All the approaching means that help a person to get through with Turkish Airlines in Turkey are mentioned below:

Phone Call

The first option available for customers to approach Pegasus Airlines' customer service is to connect through a phone call. An official is skilled at the customer service desk to solve any travel query immediately and can avail you of any service you want without much waiting. Now, if you are looking for the process of how to call the customer service of Pegasus in Turkey, the following instructions will guide you:

  • The Pegasus Airlines Turkey phone number offered for the customers to contact customer service is 0888 228 12 12,

  • As you dial the number, you will attain the option to select your suitable language for processing the call,

  • After that, carefully listen and follow the IVR commands:

  • Press 1 to inquire about the general flight and airline services information.

  • Press 2 to make a booking on a Pegasus flight with the help of an agent.

  • Press 3 to request any modification on a reservation from an agent.

  • Press 4 to claim your Pegasus Airlines refund.

  • Press # to connect with an official at the customer service desk.

Live Chat

Chatting with Pegasus Airlines' official is also possible from Turkiye for traveling concerns or booking a flight. The officials try to answer your queries with all the appropriate information on the live chat. It is best when one is required to inquire about a thing or two on an immediate basis. The live chat instructions are given below:

  • Start with landing on the Pegasus Airlines page,

  • Tap the "Contact Us" option for forwarding to the required page,

  • Next, you must pick the live chat icon for virtually connecting with the airline official,

  • Type your message in the chat window to attain the immediate Pegasus officials.


The queries are also addressed in the emails by the officials at Pegasus customer service. You can share your queries from Turkey with the concerned department using this email address: Provide a clear description of the information you need or your queries about the airline. The email responses can take up to 2 business days by customer service.

Request Form

A person can attain the answers and guidance by sending their request to Pegasus Airlines in Turkey. The request form is available on the webpage and can be accessed when someone requires assistance. However, the response time of the online request form is 48 hours. Now, you can deliver your queries to the customer service desk with the following procedure:

  • Open the official Pegasus Contact Us page,

  • You have to navigate the "Query Request" option,

  • Select a topic concerning your query,

  • Next, you will have to mention the details that are required on the form,

  • Tap on the Submit button to share the request form with Pegasus Airlines.

Social Media

The Pegasus Airlines social media channels are diverse and can be accessed easily from the main website by an individual. The social media pages are very helpful in finding flight discount codes and updates on the services, telling about the available or upcoming offers, and having the customer service option. So, from Turkey, you can choose to avail of assistance on a social media site with the help of the following points:

  • Visit the official page of Pegasus Airlines,

  • Next, reach the bottom section to find the different social media options,

  • Click on an option to open the required page,

  • Now, you have to select the message box for sharing your questions with the customer service,

  • In some time, an official will get back to you to assist.

Does Pegasus Airlines offer assistance on WhatsApp in Turkey?

To get assistance, if you are wondering about the Pegasus Airlines contact WhatsApp number, the customer service has not made support available through WhatsApp. One has to use the other means of approaches available at Pegasus Airlines.

What are Pegasus Airlines' customer service hours in Turkey?

Pegasus's customer service in Turkey is available all day, and one can attain help at one's own pace by contacting the officials. You should not worry about how to contact Pegasus in Turkey or when to contact them based on the situation and the requirements to avail of customer support.

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