How do Delta SkyMiles work and How to Check it?

In case you are serving or a part of the loyalty program name, then SkyMiles is also the currency that members can earn, and later they can redeem for the flights with Delta or its partners for hotel stays and other rewards. To know how do Delta SkyMiles works, it's generally earned. It works by flying, spending on credit cards which you can use when traveling with partners, or you would also be provided with the option to have dining and shopping through designated programs.

How much are Delta SkyMiles Worth?

One of the most popular platforms, NerdWallet, provided their recent report with the analysis that ensures about How do Delta SkyMiles worth, which is at 1.3cents a piece. Furthermore, the value of the reward miles, the comparison is made with cash rewards and the reward redemptions for the economy round-trip routes according to several destinations and dates, and in addition, the cost of the cash ticket gets divided by the cost of the reward ticket to decide a cent per mile, value for each flight and then it gets averaged for certain value across several flights and dates.

How to Earn Delta SkyMiles 

When a passenger plans a journey on Delta airlines or with its partner airlines, it becomes quite easy to earn miles. However, there are few ways to accomplish the miles besides flying, like using a Delta-branded credit card or spending cash with Delta partner companies. Now, to know how to earn Delta SkyMiles, here below, you will get appropriate information regardin Delta SkyMiles.

  • Flying with Delta, you get miles, like the number of SkyMiles you earn on a Delta flight ticket is straightaway linked to how much you spend and not how far you fly.
  • The base rate is 5 miles per $1 spent.
  • Note you might earn more that depends on whether you have an elite status that simply refers to Delta Medallion status.
    • Basic SkyMiles membership – 5 SkyMiles per $1 
    • Silver Medallion – 7 SkyMiles per $1 
    • Gold Medallion – 8 SkyMiles per $1 
    • Platinum Medallion - 9 SkyMiles per $1
    • Diamond Medallion – 11 SkyMiles per $1.
  • Further, if you are a basic SkyMiles member, and you spent $150 on a flight purchase, $50 of which is a fee, then you are going to earn 500 SkyMiles.

Other ways to Earn Delta SkyMiles

The other ways through which you can earn Delta airlines SkyMiles are mentioned here in this below write-up.

  • Hotels and Airbnb:Passengers can easily earn SkyMiles with most major hotel property chains. Moreover, you will be able to earn a flat number of points per stay, and in other cases, you earn points based on how much you spend. 
  • Auto rentals and Lyft:Several major rental agencies offer the option to earn SkyMiles. Delta SkyMiles members who link their Skymiles number with their Turo profile will be able to earn 2000 miles for their first Turo trip and 500 miles after every trip, and in addition, you can earn miles using the Lyft ride-hailing service.
  • Dining:In this scenario, you need to register your credit card with SkyMiles Dining, and then you will be able to earn 5 miles per dollar, and that card can use by thousands of participants in restaurants.
  • Shopping:Passengers also had been provided with the option to earn miles at hundreds of online merchants, which can be through the airlines shopping portal SkyMiles Shopping.
  • Transfer from the other Programs:If you want to transfer SkyMiles, you can process it with American Express membership rewards and Marriot Bonvoy.

How to Redeem Delta SkyMiles

Suppose you have Delta SkyMiles into your account in a good capacity, and you need to learn the steps to redeem Delta SkyMiles; you need not worry at all because redeeming is a quite straightforward method that you can learn over this section.

  • The SkyMiles you earn are redeemable for flights through Delta airlines and its partners. 
  • Passengers can redeem miles by booking flight tickets through the website, and by visiting the booking page, you can quickly choose the option to look at the price of miles. 
  • Ahead of this, you will have to mention when and where you wish to travel and then choose your fare class, for example, Basic economy, main cabin, Delta Comfort+ (premium economy), first class, Delta Premium select, or Delta one.

How to Get Delta SkyMiles Medallion Status

Let's assume that you need to learn the procedure to earn Delta SkyMiles Medallion status, and then you will have to quickly understand some basic set of terms like MQD, MQM, and MQS.

  • MQD (Medallion Qualifying Dollars):Travelers can earn 1 MQD for every dollar they spend on Delta airline flights. In addition, it consists of the fare and airline fees, but not the taxes and government fees.
  • MQM (Medallion Qualifying Miles):The MQM is earned by the passenger that is dependent directly on how far you fly and according to the fare class of your ticket. Like, with regular economy class tickets, you can get 1MQM per mile, and for higher classes, it can be 1.5 or 2MQM per mile flown.
  • MQS (Medallion Qualifying Segments):This earning segment depends on how many takeoff-to-landing flights you fly. For example, a nonstop flight from Seattle to New York would earn you 1MQS, and on the other hand, if you changed planes in Minneapolis, then you would earn 2MQMs.

Hence, by following these above-given points, you will get information on Delta SkyMiles Medallion status without any issue, and you will be able to earn status by spending a certain amount of money hassle-free.

Delta's Airlines Partners

Delta Airlines is one of the prominent aircraft members of the International SkyTeam alliance, allowing travelers to earn and use SkyMiles on flight carries other than Delta.

  • Aeroflot 
  • Aero Mexico
  • Air Europa
  • Air France

Delta Airlines Partnerships with non-SkyTeam Airlines;

  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin Australia 

Credit cards that Earn Delta SkyMiles

American Express issues the Delta Credit Cards and all cards offer different spending rewards. 

Personal Card: 

Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express Card:

  • 2 miles per $1 spent on the purchases made directly from Delta
  • 1 mile per $1 on all the other spending those are eligible.

Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card:

  • 2 miles per $1 which are spent at eligible restaurants and US supermarkets
  • 1 mile per $1, which is spent on all other eligible purchases.

Can I Transfer my Delta Miles to Another Person?

Delta airline offers the facility to transfer Delta SkyMiles to another person's account. But, Delta charges 1 cent per mile and $30 per transfer, which wipes out the value of miles.

Do Delta Miles Expire?

The Delta airlines miles generally do not get expire, but as time passes away, it loses their value.

How much does it cost to buy miles on Delta? 

When passengers buy miles directly from Delta airlines, it will cost you around 3.5 cents each, which is far more than their typical value. 

What is a Delta MQM?

MQM states Medallion Qualifying Miles, which are required to earn Delta Medallion Elite status. MQM cannot be used to purchase flight tickets, and yet both MQMs and SkyMiles can be earned by traveling on Delta and its partners or with the help of a Delta co-branded credit card.

Can I buy Delta MQMs?

No, passengers are not allowed to buy MQM directly. However, Delta occasionally runs promotions that let you easily pay to upgrade for your existing Medallion status.


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