How do I change my name on my Turkish Airlines ticket?

You realize that you need to change the name on your ticket. Due to type errors or changes in the name, passengers need to edit their ticket to board the flight. Otherwise, they will be denied the boarding pass due to security reasons. Passengers must follow the Turkish Airlines name change policy to modify their name. Does the policy allow to change the flyer name completely?  

What are the Turkish Airlines name change terms and conditions? 

Here are the conditions that flyers need to follow if they desire to edit the name on their tickets: 

  • Passengers can change up to 3 characters, and minor changes can be made. You can’t change the complete name on your ticket. 
  • Passengers have to pay the fee to change their name after 24 hours of making a reservation. 
  • After check-in, flyers can’t modify or change the name on their ticket. 
  • According to the policy, you are allowed to change the name once. 
  • Passengers who are part of rewards programs, miles, or receiving discounts can change the name on their tickets. 
  • The conditions for Turkish Airlines name change for the single reservation differ from group reservation. For group reservations, you have to read the contract conditions. 
  • Passengers can change their name on the ticket online or through customer support. The customer service is accessible via phone or at the airport. 
  • In case you can’t change the name on your ticket. Flyers need to cancel the flight to rebook a flight with a new name on their ticket. 

Passengers encountering queries about the name change on their ticket can check the fare conditions. You can also dial the Turkish Airlines name change number for help. 

How can I change the name on my ticket online? 

Passengers can easily manage their tickets online. You don’t have to connect with the representative if there is no problem through the change process. Follow the simple instructions shared below: 

  • Visit the website. 
  • Select the Manage Booking queries. 
  • Enter the confirmation number and passenger username. 
  • Click on the search button. 
  • Click on the change flight choice. 
  • Now, you can edit the information. 
  • Make the payment if required. 
  • Click on the submit button. 

Can I change the ticket name at the airport? 

Live representatives are approachable at the airport to guide you. You have to contact the customer support. Provide the ticket details so that changes can be made to your ticket. You can easily find the helpdesk at the terminal. 

When can I change the name on the Turkish flight ticket? 

Passengers can modify the name on the ticket according to the policies in the following situations: 

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adaption
  • Typo-errors up to 3 characters. 

You are supposed to share legal documents like marriage certificates and divorce decree. Apart from that, you have to cancel the flight and buy the tickets again. 

What is the change fee of Turkish Airlines? 

Passengers edit the name on the reservation within 24 hours of buying the tickets. After that, you must pay the Turkish Airlines name change fee of around $ 300 to amend the name. The price of modifying the name on a ticket remains constant irrespective of trip type, travel class, or ticket type. If the ticket name isn’t the same as mentioned on the passport, you can’t board the flight. 

Can I fly with the misspelled name? 

No, you can’t travel with the misspelled name. The ticket name must be exactly as on the passport. Turkish Airlines allows passengers to change the typo errors. You need to change the complete name; passengers have to rebook the flight. 

Is it possible to change a traveler's name after booking a flight? 

After booking a flight, you can change the name on the reservation till you check in for the flight. You need to provide documents like valid marriage and divorce certificates. 

How can I get the Turkish Airlines name change form? 

You can easily modify the name on your ticket via “Manage Booking.” To get the Turkish Airlines name change form, enter the confirmation ticket and name. After selecting the change name option, you will be shared the form. Now, you can edit the details. Once the changes are made, you will be provided the ticket details on your confirmation registered mail. 

How can I correct the ticket name booked via the travel agent? 

The guidelines of the travel agency can differ from those of Turkish Airlines. You need to contact your travel agent for instructions. 

Is it possible for frequent flyers to change their ticket name? 

Miles & Smiles passengers can change their name only after updating their profile ID online. You can update the account using a feedback form. Additionally, you can contact the sales office or call customer service. You are recommended to provide the legal documentation through marriage certificate, divorce decree, and court order as proof of name change. 

What is the Turkish Airlines phone number? 

Flyers can contact customer support for assistance if they face trouble changing the ticket name or need more information. Dial the Turkish Airlines phone number 1 (800) 874-8875 for assistance. Customer support is accessible 24 hours a day to guide you. Visit the website. 

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