How do I cancel my Iberia flight?

Iberia is a well-known airline that provides passengers with the best help and assistance and operates from Madrid. Being the flag-carrier airline of Spain, they emphasize providing the passengers with the best help and services. They have made a rule book for every possible reservation aspect to make the process smooth for the passengers. Suppose the passengers have to cancel a Flight with Iberia. In these situations, they need to learn about the rules and regulations mentioned under the cancellation policy of Iberia and the steps that need to be followed to proceed with the same.

The process to cancel with Iberia 

The steps that need to be followed for Iberia Airlines cancel a flight are listed below in detail as follows. 

Steps to cancel with Iberia

Online Method

The steps to proceed with the flight ticket cancellation using the online platform, which is through the official website of the airline, are listed below:

  • Visit the airline's official website, and once you reach the homepage, click on the 'your flight' option. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear on your screen, where you have to select the option of 'Manage booking.'
  • Enter the surname of the passengers and the PNR number to proceed and get to the next page.
  • You must choose the 'cancellation' option as soon as you get onto the flight details page. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate and complete the cancellation of your flight ticket. 
  • Once the cancellation is complete, you'll get redirected to the flight details page.
  • Follow the instructions to adjust the cancellation charges for your ticket price, if applicable. 
  • Once the process is complete, you'll receive the confirmation of your registered email.

Phone Method

The steps to cancel your flight ticket over call are listed below in detail as follows.

  • Travelers need to dial the customer service number +34 915 23 65 68, and once connected, they have to follow the on-call menu.
  • Follow the on-call menu in which you have to choose the cancelation option.
  • Press # to request to connect with the airline's customer service representative. 
  • You need to provide the representative with all your travel details. 
  • They will initiate the process of cancelation for you and will also adjust the cancellation charges from the ticket amount, if any. 
  • Once the process is complete, they will send you the confirmation on your mobile number and registered email. 

At the Airport

Travelers can also reach the airport from where they have to board their flight ticket and ask the representative at the counter to proceed with canceling their flight ticket. Give them all the details about your booking, and they will complete the cancellation process. In all the methods, the confirmation will always get sent to you in your email after the cancellation of your flight. 

What is Iberia cancelation policy?

The rules and regulations of the Iberia Cancelation Policy are explained below:

24 hours rules

  • As per the 24-hour risk-free period, travelers are allowed to proceed with the cancellation of their flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase, provided these rules only apply to the booking made at least seven days in advance before the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers can also initiate the flight ticket cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled departure. However, they need to pay the higher cancellation charges, or sometimes, they will not even get a single penny in return.

General Rules 

  • If the airline proceeds with the process of cancellation of the flight ticket, and the passengers refuse to take the alternative flight, they will be liable to get a refund. 
  • Suppose there is a medical emergency or the death of a close relative or the passengers in whose name the booking is made. In those cases, the airlines will also refund the complete ticket amount, provided the passengers must submit the necessary documents supporting their issue. 
  • If there is a delay of more than three hours in the booking, and the passenger requests the cancellation, they will be liable to get a complete refund and compensation for the inconvenience caused due to the delay. 
  • If the cancelation of the flight ticket is made because the passenger's boarding gets denied due to overbooking. In that case, the airline will be responsible for completely refunding their flight ticket. 
  • If the flight ticket is reserved with the assistance of a travel agent, the passengers must ask the travel agent to proceed with the cancellation of their flight ticket and more. 

Bottom Line

Follow the information given above to make the cancelation of your flight ticket and learn all the necessary rules and regulations. For more information and details, feel free to contact the representative.

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