How Can You Change Passenger Name on Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines doesn't allow you to make name changes on the tickets, so you can't transfer your itinerary to anyone else. However, there are some minor exceptions of Malaysia Airlines change the name on the ticket minor name corrections that are permittable to you if they involve fixing typos or ensuring the name matches the passenger's travel document precisely by paying the appropriate fares to the airline and also require contacting their customer support. So, it can be rely on some situations that are:

  • Minor Name Corrections: If the issue is simply a misspelling or a little inconsistency with the travel document, you can contact Malaysia Airlines customer support at 1 (800) 552- 9264 to request a correction. Pay the appropriate charges to the airlines and get the confirmation. 

  • Ticket Cancellation and Rebooking: If the name change is significant or you need to transfer the ticket to another person, your only option is to cancel the existing ticket and rebook a new one under the correct name. It will likely involve fare differences and cancellation fees.

  • Contact your travel agent (if applicable): If you booked your ticket through a travel agent, they might offer an alternative solution or have more information about specific exceptions.

What is Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy?

Malaysia Airlines generally does not allow name changes on flight reservations once they are confirmed, which means that the name on your reservation must correspond to the name on your government-issued photo ID or passport you will be using for travel. However, there are a few limited exceptions to the Malaysia Airlines name change policy, and you need to consider it.

Minor Spelling Errors- If there is a minor spelling error in your name on the reservation, like a typo or a missing initial, you may be eligible to correct it without a fee. Contact Malaysia Airlines customer service soon to request a correction. 

Legal Name changes- If you have legally varied your name due to marriage, divorce, or another cause, you may update your name on your reservation by sharing Malaysia Airlines with documentation of your legal name change. These documents could include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, or more important details.

Changes to Title- You can usually change your title (e.g., Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.) on your reservation without a fee.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a name change or need to make a name change that does not fall under one of the exceptions stated above.

Name changes are not permitted within 24 hours of your flight departure.

If you cannot change your name on your reservation, you may be able to cancel your flight and rebook a new flight with the correct name. However, you will likely be charged a cancellation fee and may have to pay the difference in fare prices.

Malaysia Airlines name change terms and conditions

  • Malaysia Airlines has some name correction terms and conditions that you must consider.
  • Name changes are generally not allowed. Guest will be asked for the passport or ID at the check-in time. If the name on the booking and the traveler's passport/ ID do not correspond, the guest will be mandated to create a new reservation.
  • Name correction is only allowed on a conditional basis where it needs editing of names and adding the correct spelling as it appears in the passengers' travel documents.

Minor Spelling errors: If there's a little typo in your name, contacting Malaysia Airlines customer support might allow a correction for a fee.

Exceptional Circumstances: In rare cases, if you have a documented reason for needing a name change (marriage, name change on legal documents), the airline might consider your request.

What to do if your name doesn't match your reservation?

The name doesn't match your reservation, and due to this, you are looking for what to do now, so some ways are stated below.

  • Contact Malaysia Airlines customer support immediately to explain the situation and see if they can help.

  • Be ready to provide the documentation to support your reason for needing a name change.

  • If a name change is not possible, you might need to cancel your reservation and book a new one with the correct name. It could incur additional costs, so check the cancellation and rebooking fees beforehand.

  • To avoid any issues at check-in, double-check your name on your booking confirmation and ensure it matches your passport or ID exactly. If there are any discrepancies, contact Malaysia Airlines as soon as possible. 

How much does it cost to change the name of Malaysia Airlines?

For making a name change, it is a must to pay the Malaysia Airlines name change fee to the airlines, which is approx USD 75 to USD 385.

Can I make a name change with Malaysia Airlines online?

Yes, you can easily make a Malaysia Airlines name change online; for that, you must go through the above steps.

  • Launch the web portal of the Malaysia Airlines.

  • Search for the manage booking section, and add your confirmation code and surname.

  • View your reservation, and continue to view the name change option,

  • (Afterward, you may request the name change with Malaysia Airlines; if the airline allows you, you may go for this.)

  • Please continue to make amendments to your name and pay the airlines its reliable and appropriate fare.

After that, you will obtain its confirmation on your registered device, email, or phone number.

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