Does Singapore Airlines Charge for Wheelchair?

Singapore Airlines provides a significant facility to secure your booking when you access the manage booking section after the reservation if your flight is confirmed for your specific date and time and you are looking for special assistance during check-in. If you travel with an elderly person and want to reach your destination safely, get Singapore Airlines special assistance for the elderly at +65 9184 8888 within 48 hours before your flight departure. If you need some travel guidance or special gift and don’t know what to do, connect with a travel agent who provides advice on traveling with a disabled person conveniently.   

What is the meet and assist service of Singapore Airlines?

When you travel with a disabled person or with any senior citizen, Singapore Airlines provides you with meet-and-assist services during the check-in and boarding service. So, suppose you are traveling with a disabled person and want to get a complete facility of special assistance. In that case, you must fill out the Singapore Airlines special assistance form and enter the full booking details into the required fields. If you have successfully requested special assistance, you get the meet-and-assist service and reach your destination securely. Get specific information about the meet and assist service mentioned below.

  • You will find it simple to request the meet-and-assist service team to take care of your required things from check-in to boarding.
  • If you are on a flight to your destination, you will reach the cabin crew, who will assist you with the onboard wheelchair and the lavatory during your getaway.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you will get assistance from the crew member from disembarkation to the arrival hall. 
  • Meet and assist service will help you improve the airport and airline services and get help to make your flight journey comfortable and hassle-free.
  • You will have access to a travel agent authorized to provide the maximum assistance during check-in and passport and will handle the customs control conveniently.  

Does Singapore Airlines charge for wheelchair?

No, Singapore Airlines does not charge for Wheelchair assistance when you request special service at the airport. If you are traveling with old and infirm travelers and they have a medical condition, they will not be charged for the Wheelchair. But if you are not comfortable with the Wheelchair, you must access the Singapore Airlines wheelchair assistance request counter and get the wheelchair service with the meet and assist benefit that you get at the check-in time. You also face a situation when you have to pay the charges when you request additional services during check-in time.

  • You aren't required to pay the charges when you request special assistance in advance, around 48 hours before flight departure.
  • You will be asked to pay the fee for additional services like an Electric Wheelchair or any assistive equipment. 
  • You also get the priority boarding service and complete facility until you reach your destination comfortably with Singapore Airlines. 
  • When you consider changing your Wheelchair as you don’t feel comfortable, you might be asked to pay for another Wheelchair.
  • If you wish to get the priority check-in service at the airport with Singapore Airlines, you must pay the charges accordingly.

Get help to request a Wheelchair with Singapore Airlines:

When you plan your tour to your required destination and need some travel assistance for a disabled person, get the special assistance securely. You will find it simple to get the Singapore Airlines wheelchair assistance request for its official booking website and get complete help to make your trip convenient without paying any extra charges.

  • First, visit the booking website of Singapore Airlines and go to the booking section shown on the same page.
  • Go to the special assistance section, enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger, and check out the booking details.
  • You can add a wheelchair and other assistive equipment that you can add during or after booking service.
  • Review your booking with the Wheelchair, go to the online payment section, and pay online using a debit or credit card.
  • You will receive a message of special assistance request on your registered mobile phone that you can show during a Singapore Airlines flight check-in service at the airport.  

Is a wheelchair included in the baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines?

No, a manual or electronic wheelchair doesn’t include the baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines, and you must pay the service charges. You have to store your wheelchair in the cargo hold as checked baggage and ensure you are aware of the orders you must pay. Request for Singapore Airlines disability assistance during booking with Singapore Airlines and secure the complete facility of the special service. But if you find some trouble and you don’t know what to do, you must reach out to a live person and share your concerns to get the answer instantly.

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