Details to change a name on the Qatar Airways flight

Did you make a booking with Qatar Airways for the long-awaited family trip? But I am worried about your mistake in the name in the final booking. There is no need to worry as the airline is very flexible and adapting to changes in the name or the modifications that need to be done. You can read through the details on the Qatar Airways name change process and the pertaining policies, which would help you better understand initiating the process per your requirements.

Does Qatar Airways allow name changes?

Yes, changes to the passenger's name can be quickly done on the ticket booked with Qatar Airways. For this, there are specific rules and regulations applicable. You will have to go through them and then confirm the requirements. You must read through the Qatar Airways name change policy and only then complete the requirements. The guidelines are as follows: 

  • No complete name change can be done. You can make a few modifications to the booking, which is up to three character changes that can be done. 

  • Name change must be done a day before the departure of the flight. After that, no change can be made. 

  • Reselling a ticket to any other person upon changing the ticket cannot be done. 

How do I change my name on my Qatar Airways flight? 

Changes to the passenger's name can be quickly done online. Skimming through the steps below lets you quickly get a Qatar Airways name change. 

  • Glance through Qatar Airways' homepage, 

  •  From the Manage option, retrieve the booking using the booking details. 

  • Then, you can get to the menu icon list on the booking summary page. 

  • Choose the name change option from the same and follow the on-screen instructions. 

  • Make the payments and submit the required documents. Then, once done, you shall receive a confirmation from the airline to the registered email address. 

Airport- The Qatar name change on the ticket can also be done at the airport. You can reach out to the airport's help desk and then connect with an agent to help make changes to the passenger's name. You will have to carry the relevant documents to the airport so that the changes you are looking for can be made. You can also talk to the agent and get a discount on the changes you wish to make. 

Call- Changes to the passenger's name on a Qatar Airways booking can be done through the call process. You can follow the given steps, which makes contacting the executive easy, and you may find a solution quickly.

  • Dial 1 800 777 2827 and choose a language as needed. 

  • You will get a set of IVR instructions. Choose one from them, and you can contact an executive soon for help. 

  • Explain the requirements and put up a request to change the name of the passenger. 

Charges to change the passenger's name- Within 24 hours, the cost to change the passenger's name shall range between $50 to $100. However, after 24 hours, the Qatar Airways name change fee shall go between $150 to $300. However, not every ticket can be changed. The airline shall review your changes and then confirm the required changes. You might even reach out to the airline for help with charges. 

What changes can be made to a Qatar Airways ticket? 

Qatar Airways allows a limited number of changes that can be made to the booking. The allowed Qatar Airways name change that can be done are listed below: 

  • The addition or expansion of the middle name can be done. 

  • Alteration of the first name and last name can be done. 

  • Changes from nicknames to good names can be made. 

  • Modifications up to three characters can only be done. 

  • An error in the spelling of the name can be made. 

What documents are to be produced for a name change on the airline? 

About making the changes to the passenger's name, there are certain documents you must have to confirm the changes: 

  • A passport or an identification certificate as approved by the government. 

  • A divorce decree, if the changes are free to be done after a divorce

  • Marriage certificate if name change is being done due to marriage

  • If there are adoptions, you will have to provide adoption certificates. 

  • Changes due to any other reason shall need the relevant document.  

Final Words- If you are making any name changes with the booking of Qatar Airways, you can get the details from the article above, or you may even communicate with the customer service team by giving them a call and availing the help. In addition, you can also visit the homepage of the airline to get help with Qatar Airways name change, marriage, or other reasons. You shall be availed of the best assistance. 

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