Does Lufthansa Have Special Assistance?

Together with its subsidiaries, Lufthansa Airlines is considered the second-largest air carrier in Europe. It is also the German national flag carrier, offering various flights for willing fliers. Many senior citizen travelers need clarification regarding Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers and what specific procedures they should follow to avail of the special care from the Airline during the trip. In this blog, travelers will identify the correct ways to obtain the Airline's special services at the Airport.

Some special services of Lufthansa Airlines:

Lufthansa Airlines is famous for its comprehensive special assistance for travelers needing additional support for flight boarding or during the trip. Standard Airways is dedicated to offering all possible and necessary special care for a seamless flight experience.

Some popular special assistance provided by Lufthansa Airlines are Wheelchair assistance, mobility assistance, cognitive impairment help, medical help, and mother/infant assistance.

Lufthansa Airlines Wheelchair assistance:

Passengers who cannot walk properly or are unable to move smoothly can demand Lufthansa Wheelchair assistance. To avail of it, travelers should inform passengers at least 48 hours before the plane takes off. Also, Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost is free for all eligible passengers at the Airport before boarding. One of the skilled agents will be available at the Airport to assist passengers during the flight boarding.

Lufthansa Airlines Medical assistance:

Fliers with health concerns or uneasiness can ask for immediate Lufthansa Airlines medical assistance. Standard Airways will provide travelers with all possible medical support and arrange medical equipment, especially oxygen cylinders, to make their air journey more comfortable.

Travelers can contact Lufthansa Airlines customer support and ask for medical assistance at the Airport or during the trip. However, in some exceptional cases, the Airlines may charge for medical help such as portable oxygen cylinders and other associated equipment. 

Lufthansa Airlines Mother and Infants assistance:

Standard air carriers like Lufthansa Airlines understand the situation of pregnant women and infants who travel with its flights. Airways ensure their overall safety during the journey and focus on them as a priority. Eminent Airline skilled executives also assist them while carrying their baggage and other items while boarding the plane.

Eligible travelers can take full advantage of this special assistance and have a smooth, dynamic flight experience. 

How do I ask for assistance on Lufthansa?

While using its flights, if fliers seek special assistance at the Airways, they may contact customers for exceptional help for a seamless journey. Travelers should notify the Airline in advance for such special assistance because the representatives will arrange the necessary facilities for passengers to avoid any inconvenience at the Airport or during the trip. Further, passengers can ask for special flight assistance online or offline/by Phone.

Use the Online process for Lufthansa Airlines special assistance:

Travelers can choose the online procedure for special services at Lufthansa. When fliers have good internet access, they can apply for Lufthansa special assistance in advance from any part of the world. However, fliers must follow the following procedures to avail of such additional help.

  • Initially, fliers should visit the Lufthansa Airlines standard website
  • They should request special assistance options from the given search bar options.
  • It will redirect them to a new screen where they can apply for a Wheelchair or sensory impairment as required.
  • Now, passengers can tap on the online assistance form and open it to register at least 48 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Fliers should fill in their general information like name, Email, contact number, flight number, and ticket or booking details.
  • They should also choose the Wheelchair assistance option to complete the online procedures.
  • Lufthansa Airlines will arrange the Wheelchair or sensory equipment for passengers at the Airport.

Use the Phone to contact Lufthansa customer agents for special assistance:

Fliers can also choose the Phone, the primary way to contact live customer agents and ask for immediate help. However, passengers can contact the Lufthansa Special Assistance Phone Number at 0 800 - 83 84 267, and when the live executives are available on call, they can request Wheelchair or sensory impairment assistance.

Fliers should also provide essential details, including their name, Email, flight number, booking code, and date on the same call. The expert representative will assist passengers with their particular needs.

What medical devices are allowed on Lufthansa?

Travelers should be clear that Lufthansa Airlines will allow some medical equipment for travelers during the journey as per the policy. However, Lufthansa medical clearance is essential for eligible travelers before carrying any assistive equipment on the flights. Some of the medical equipment listed below are permitted at Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Respirators
  • CPAP/Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine
  • PPC/Portable Oxygen Cylinders
  • Ventilators

Hence, all the crucial information regarding Lufthansa Airlines special assistance facilities is correct and referred from its official page.

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