Does Delta have a Cancellation Policy?

Delta Airlines is one of the luxurious airlines that provide flexible policies and services. If you are looking forward to cancelling the Delta Airlines flight, the process is pretty simple. In the article, we have discussed the cancellation process, Delta Airlines cancellation policy, and many more; take a look to stay upgraded in this regard. 

A step-by-step process to cancel Delta Airline flight

  • Head to the Delta Airlines website and locate the Manage Booking section
  • Provide booking details and retrieve your booking 
  • Select the ticket you wish to cancel, click on the cancel/change flight button
  • Provide the cancellation reason and cancel your ticket 
  • You might also need to pay the cancellation fee, in some cases so clear that, follow the prompts, and you will get a cancellation confirmation email soon 

Cancel the ticket over the phone:

You can also speak to Delta directly and ask them to cancel your booking. Provide the booking details, and the Delta agent will complete the cancellation on your behalf. You might also need to pay additional charges in case of cancellation via phone.

An Overview of Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Yes! Delta Airlines does have a cancellation policy that lets you understand how cancellation works with Delta and what are the various terms and conditions. If you are looking forward to cancel your flight with Delta, ensure you have read the Delta Airlines cancellation policy listed below: 

24-hour cancellation policy:

Its 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel the booking within 24 hours for free if the departure is seven days later. You are eligible to get a full refund in this case, irrespective of your ticket type.

The cancellation charges apply for tickets you cancel after 24 hours based on ticket type, route, destinations, etc. 

Refundable ticket:

When you cancel a refundable ticket after the risk-free period, the refund you get is the total ticket value subtracted from the cancellation fee. 

Non-Refundable ticket: 

For non-refundable tickets, you can get a refund within 24 hours. Once the risk-free period passes, no refund applies if you cancel the booking. However, you can directly speak to the Delta representative and request an E-credit.

No-Show Policy

If you don't cancel your Delta flight ticket before the departure, a no-show applies. Your ticket value is forfeited, and you don't get any refund or credit. 


The Delta cancellation policy applies to the ticket you book directly from the Delta website, call center, or airport. It does not apply to third-party bookings. 

How much is Delta's cancellation fee? 

Delta Airlines allows free cancellation if your departure date is seven days away or more, and you cancel the booking within 24 hours. However, if you fail, the airline might charge you a cancellation fee based on your fare condition, route, destination, etc. Generally, the Delta Airlines cancellation fee ranges from $ 100 to $400. When you cancel a booking within 24 hours of departure, it costs around $ 400. Remember: The closer the departure date is, the more the cancellation charges will be. 

The cancellation fee is not included for Basic economy tickets or tickets originating from Central and South America. If you cancel them, then cancellation charges apply starting from $ 99. For tickets that are issued for travel starting in Mexico, they cannot be changed or cancelled. So, no cancellation fee is applicable. 

Will Delta refund my money if they cancel my flight?

Delta Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy, and they ensure the passengers don't suffer in case of cancellation or delays. Besides, if Delta Airlines Cancels my Flight, whether I would get a refund depends on the reason for cancellation. If the airline cancels a flight due to technical reasons or others that are in Delta's control, they will refund the unused ticket value. The airline facilitates you with an alternate option on the next available flight for free, but if you are not okay with that option, you can ask for a refund.   

If the cancellation occurs due to weather change, climate change, government order, or any reason not in Delta's control, they will not provide any refund. In that case, they might provide you with alternate options for accommodation in rare cases so that you don't need to suffer. In case you are eligible for a refund, Here is what you need to do: 

Contact Delta Directly:

You can contact the Delta team directly and provide the flight cancellation information. Provide your reference number, and the team will verify it. Once done, your refund will be initiated to your original account. 

Get a refund online:

You can head to the official website of Delta and access your booking details. You can choose the ticket and click on the refund button. The refund request form appears on the page; fill out every detail and submit the form. Soon, your refund will be initiated and reflected in your account in 7-20 working days. 


By walking through the information above, hopefully, you learned all the details associated with Delta flight cancellation, refund, etc. Besides, yes, Delta Airlines Refund Cancelled flight if the fault is theirs. But if the reason is extraordinary and that's not in the airline's control, you will get a refund. For more information or any doubts, speak to the Delta agent directly. 

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