Can You Change the Passenger Name on United Airlines?

Did you ever enter the wrong name while reserving a flight ticket with United Airlines? If yes, then this may get your flight canceled. However, this is not always the case; you can avoid such scenarios by making a United Airlines name change request. The following tabs carry all the details related to the name change, for example, its policy, fees, methods, rules, etc. So, you are advised to take note of every information; 

Can you change the name on United Airlines?

You can modify your name on United Airlines, but these changes are subject to some charges and valid documents. However, you cannot change a full name. 

Understand United Airlines' name change policy. 

To avoid any charges, a denial to get aboard or check-in, and other troubles, it is recommended that every passenger be aware of United Airlines' name change policy. This will clear all your complexities about name change fare, its rules, and other things. So, take a look;

  • If you booked your itinerary through a third party, call them and ask them to change your name directly. 
  • You are authorized to modify three letters of your name only in first, middle, and last name and you cannot change the entire name. 
  • If your name is changed legally, you must submit all the backed documents to the airline. 
  • You can modify your name online or in writing if you are a MileagePlus member. (Some rules exist, such as valid proof required, etc.) 
  • If you change your name, you may not make any other changes in your flight, for example, date, time, destination, etc. 
  • The airline may charge additional costs for making any modifications in your name. 
  • If you make such modifications within 24 hours of the booking, United Airlines may not impose any fee. 
  • For any other information on the same, you must approach the assistance team of United Airlines.

How do you change names on United Airlines?

If you mistakenly entered a wrong name while reserving a flight with United, you must know how to rectify it. Thus, explore all the practical United Airlines name correction methods that are mentioned below; please have a look:

Change your name via the website. 

The official website is the primary and most used method to rectify the misspelled name on your flight ticket. This method will take 4-7 minutes to complete without hassle. So, you are requested to take a look at the steps highlighted below:

  • Visit the official webpage of United Airlines to begin the mode.
  • Click the Manage My Booking tab on the homepage.
  • Enter your itinerary details, including PNR Number, last name, etc., and search for your flight.
  • Click your profile, and after that, "Edit My Flight." 
  • Make the necessary changes and the fee, and you will receive the confirmation. 

Make a call and ask the agent to change. 

The second method you can adopt to modify your misspelled name on United Airlines is through a phone call. You must dial United Airlines phone number 1 (800) 864-8331 and wait until the agent is assigned. Once you connect, you must provide all your ticket details and the request to complete the United Airlines name change process. You may have to incur a separate fee from the airline. However, some IVRs will also be spoken; you have to choose the one so the real person is assigned.

Approach the help desk at the airport. 

If you cannot change your name on United Airlines via the phone call or website method, you can also approach the airport's help desk, requesting the agent to rectify the misspelled name on your ticket. However, if you change your entire name, you must showcase the supportive legal document to the agency.  

What is the fee to change names on United Airlines?

The fee to change a name on United Airlines varies from situation to situation. To understand, take a careful look at the points mentioned below; please have a look: 

  • The airline will charge no fee if you modify your ticket name within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • The United Airlines name change fee starts from $120 and can go up to $350. However, this fee window may vary; thus, you are suggested to keep yourself in the loop with all such changes. 

Can I transfer a United Airlines ticket to another person?

There is always a curiosity among passengers to know whether United allows passengers to transfer their flight tickets to another person. So, to get the relevant information on the same, take a look at the points:

  • As per the United Airlines policy, you are not authorized to transfer your tickets to another person. 
  • Instead, you can cancel, get a refund, and rebook the flight. 

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