Can you change the Name on the Volaris Ticket?

While updating the Name on the Volair ticket, you made some errors, like entering the wrong Name whenever you were booking the itinerary; for this, you are tense about it because you don't know what to do in that situation and search for Volaris allow to change the Name? So, according to the Volaris name change policy, a passenger can swiftly amend their Name from the ticket but only on some specific conditions; however, there are some points that you should bear out simply regarding the name change policy.

  • Volaris Airlines' name change policy allows passengers to change their Name on a ticket up to 1.30 hours before the flight's scheduled departure time for a fee. However, this policy can rely to both domestic and international flights operated by Volaris.

  • If you made a mistake when entering the passenger name during the booking process, you may be able to correct it within 24 hours of booking without incurring additional fees.

  • If you have a legal name change (e.g., due to marriage or divorce), you can change your Name on your ticket without incurring additional fees.

  • If you are a Volaris Club Premium or v.pass program member, you may be eligible for a free name change.

  • Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer their tickets to another person. If you need to change the Name on your ticket, you must cancel your reservation and book a new one with the correct Name.

  • The name change is not permittable to you if the ticket had been purchased through Electronic Voucher. 

  • If you are going to change the adult ticket for UMNR or minor, the airline won't allow you to make a name change on it.

How do I make a name change on the Volaris ticket?

Moreover, if you seek how to do Volaris name change on the ticket, there are a few methods that you should know about.

Change your Name on a Volaris ticket by calling- A traveler can simply change the name from the ticket by calling the live support person at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). Thus, to do this, must follow the steps:

  1. Contact Volaris customer service by phone or online chat.

  2. Provide your reservation number and the new name you want to appear on your ticket.

  3. Pay the applicable name change fee.

  4. Volaris will issue you a new ticket with the updated Name.

Change your Name on a Volaris ticket online-

Also, you can change your Name on a Volaris ticket online by following the steps that are stated below.

  • Land on the Volaris Airlines site

  • Find the manage booking column and tap on it,

  • You need to add the reservation number and last Name

  • Continue to look for the change option, click on the name section, 

  • Request a change in your Name if the airline permits you,

  • Tap on the next, and pay the name change fee to the airlines, 

  • In some time, its confirmation will be sent to you. 

How much does it cost to change the Name on the Volaris ticket?

If the airline allows you to change the Volaris ticket, you can do it by paying the Volaris name change fee, so for both Domestic and International flights, you have to pay USD 50 to USD 75. 

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