Does Volaris Charge for a Name Change?

Volaris Airlines is managed from Mexico to other parts of the world at affordable ticket costs. Before using its services, Volaris wants you to travel with your correct name to avoid any problems while boarding. But, for any reason, if you have the wrong spelling in your name, it must be corrected soon to continue traveling with Volaris fights. In addition, you can choose straightforward steps for Volaris name correction, and while making any rectification in your name on the ticket, always remember some of the essential terms and conditions. You must submit corresponding fees as charges for the successful name correction.

Rules and regulations related to Volaris name correction:

Volaris name corrections are sets of rules and regulations that decide how and when can you rectify your spelling in the name on the available tickets. You cannot conveniently rectify your name without focusing on the necessary Volaris name change policy. So, you can quickly correct it in your name with the given conditions.

  • You cannot completely change your name with any other passenger's, as it is non-transferable.

  • Minor name corrections or some characters can change on the Volaris tickets on any route.

  • As per the strict rules, you may face service problems or even be denied boarding the Volaris plane when you travel with the wrong name on the tickets.

  • You can correct your name on the Volaris flight tickets before 90 minutes from the plane take-off time.

  • But, for hassle-free name correction, Volaris requests you to correct your name 24 hours before the original flight time.

  • While rectifying the name on the Valaris tickets, you should submit the additional cost as name corrections fees.

  • Name corrections are allowed with Volari's official page or by calling the call centers.

  • Volaris name corrections are not allowed when you have purchased flight tickets with electronic vouchers.

  • Name corrections are impossible within 90 minutes from departure or once the flight has begun, and you do not show up for any reason as per the policy.

  • You must submit a soft copy of some official government-issued ID proofs if you correct your name on Volaris tickets.

  • You should carry the same ID proofs at the Airport for the screening, matching the corrected name on the Volaris tickets.

  • Name correction for group travel passengers before 96 hours from the actual flight time will be free.

  • Within the 96-hour time limit, name correction fees will be up to $50 per passenger for name correction.

Can I correct my name on Volaris tickets using the online process?

You can conveniently make name corrections on the Volaris flight tickets online. For the feasible Volaris name change process, you must focus on the below guides and rectify your name before the flight departs.

  • Initially, get through the Volaris web page:

  • Go with the My Trips tab from the menu bar.

  • Enter your reservation code and last name to get the ticket details.

  • Once the flight details are open, click the name correction or modification option.

  • Correct some alphabet letters of your first, middle, or last name, which was wrong earlier.

  • Submit the corresponding charges after the name corrections are done on the Volaris tickets.

  • Similarly, you must submit the supporting government ID proofs as original documents that show the same corrected name on the tickets.

  • Finally, Volaris will update your correct name and mail you the same.

How do you make Volari's name corrections over the Phone?

You can even use the Phone for name correction on the Volaris tickets before its service. For name correction help, you can use the Volaris customer contact number, +1 888 VOLARIS (8652747), and tell your reservation code along with the last name. You can request that they assist with name correction after opening your ticket summary on the window screen. Volaris expert representatives will help them with the name correction with additional charges only before the scheduled departure. Thus, you can correct your name on Volaris tickets using the Phone.

How do I change the name on Volaris tickets at the Airport?

When you are in an emergency and reach the airport on the day of travel with your wrong name but want to continue its services, you must correct your name soon. At the Airport, you will take the help of helpdesk professionals and tell them about your reservation code and last name. Afterward, share the correct name details you want to print on your tickets and submit the applicable fees. Airport representatives will make sure you have feasible Volaris flight travel with the correct name, especially before the 90 minutes in any way.

How much should I pay for Volari's name corrections?

According to its rules, Volaris charges some corresponding amounts for the name correction on every passenger ticket. You must submit around $350 to $700 for a single passenger as a Volaris name change fee. The name correction fee variations are due to different class types, number of letters, and other fare differences. So, before correcting your name on the Volaris flight tickets, you should have concise information about its service charges; otherwise, you will be unable to make smooth name rectifications in the flight tickets.

Hence, you can correct your misspelled name with the above-discussed procedures and pay the applicable charges according to the Volaris terms. Also, every detailed information highlighted here regarding name correction is only from Volari's official page, and you can contact its trained agents for more details.

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