Can you change the name on a Southwest plane ticket?

Southwest shares the flexible name change policy that permits flyers to edit the name on their ticket. This is helpful if you need to correct your ticket's misspelled first or middle name. However, passengers need to follow the Southwest Airlines name change guidelines to modify the name on their ticket. If you have any concerns related to editing your ticket, scroll down to get the required. Let’s start with the terms and conditions. 

What are the Southwest Airlines name change policies? 

Here is the list of instructions to connect with Southwest Airlines name change policy that passengers need to follow before making any changes to their tickets. 

  • Flyers can’t change the complete name according to the airline's guidelines. It means you can’t transfer the ownership of your tickets to another traveler. Suppose you need to change the name on your ticket. Passengers need to cancel the ticket and rebook the flight. 
  • You are allowed to change the 4 characters of your first, middle, and last name. Name change is permitted in case of legal circumstances like marriage and divorce. Flyers must show the required documents to the agents for a legal name change.
  • The passenger's ticket name should match the government-issued identification cards and passport. 
  • You are permitted to change the name on your ticket at once. Passengers can change the flight name online and at the airport with the support of a live representative. 

Who is eligible for Southwest's name change online? 

Following passengers can make the changes without the help of the Southwest agents: 

  • Accompanied Minors
  • Completely un-flown itineraries
  • Booked by phone
  • Youth Traveler
  • Booking with EarlyBird Check-In
  • Revenue and points bookings
  • Involuntary Changes

Travelers can’t modify their ticket name and need the help from customer representatives: 

  • Buy extra Seat
  • Name correction after checking bags
  • Rapid Rewards number included in your reservation.
  • 60 minutes before the domestic flight departure 
  • 90 minutes for international departures
  • Partially flown itineraries
  • Group bookings
  • Lap Child

How can I make the changes to my reservation online? 

Flyers are allowed to change their tickets anytime, anywhere. Before check-in, follow the simple steps if you need to fly because you can’t enter the aircraft if the ticket name doesn’t match your boarding pass. 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Choose the change/ cancel option. 
  • Enter the confirmation number, last name, and first name. 
  • Click on the change option. 
  • Select the Enter button. 
  • Now, edit the details as per your requirements. 
  • Make the payment if needed.
  • Click on the submit button. 

You will be issued the new confirmation mail. If you have any issues during the process, flyers can contact customer support. 

Southwest Mobile app

Travelers need to download the app on their device—and log in to their account. You can open the app as a guest if you don’t have a login account. First, you have to choose the change option and share the flight details to get the ticket details. 

Can I contact customer support for help? 

If passengers have any issues related to the guidelines or need adequate information, you speak to agents via phone number. Dial the Southwest contact number 1 (800) 435-9792 for assistance. You have to choose the language and press the IVR option to connect with the right representative. The helpline is accessible 24 hours to instruct you. 

How much does Southwest Airlines charge to change the ticket? 

The airline doesn’t charge any fee for change, regardless of the ticket type and fare. There is no Southwest Airlines change fee, as the airline understands there can be typo errors while making the reservation. However, you need to pay the fare difference if needed. 

What documents do I need to change the Southwest ticket name? 

Passengers need to share the relevant documents mentioned here: 

  • MarriageSouthwest Airlines name change marriage case, you have to provide the marriage license, identity proof, and existing identification proof. 
  • Divorce: consider showing the documents such as court orders and documents supporting a legal name change when asked by authorities. 

Can I transfer my ticket to another passenger? 

No, the airline doesn’t allow the complete name change. You need to rebook the flight if you decide to transfer the ticket to another passenger. However, your flight change request will be accepted when there is a misspelled name or legal name change. 

In case you have any issues, you can contact customer support. You are suggested to dial the number during urgencies. Suppose your flight is due within 2 hours. Visit the website for more details. Follow the airline's social media page to get the discounts. 

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