Can You Change a Name on a Plane Ticket with JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines has been unprecedented in the customer service it provides to all once the booking has been finalized with the airline. Under conditions when you have made a reservation with the airline and want to make the JetBlue name change due to the occurrence of name errors, it can be done quickly. The exact particulars are given here for you to get an idea and then choose the best mode that would suit your preferences. 

Specifications on JetBlue name change policy:

There are certain aspects of JetBlue name change policy that you need to adhere to if you would like to initiate the name change with the airline as per your need. The details of the same are:

  • You can correct misspellings in the first/middle/last name and inverted names. Under the same, the airlines allow minor modifications in the middle name and last name.
  • The entire name change is allowed under the circumstances of marriage, divorce, or adoption. For the same, you need to make a submission of the authorized legal documentation of proof that validates your claim for a name change. 
  • The airlines permit to make minor name corrections with them mid-travel so that the name under the reservation matches the one on the passport or government-issued ID. 
  • JetBlue Airlines provides the scope to make changes in the date of birth, which has occurred as part of the error in booking, only if you are not changing the initiated name of the reservation. 
  • The name change is possible only under the condition that the booked flight should be a carrier of JetBlue or operated under them. 
  • To make the entire name change with the airline, you must cancel the same in the current PNR and keep the ticket status open. 
  • Once you book a new PNR, you will be allowed to use your ticket to make a reservation for another passenger, given you made a difference in payment as required, along with the change fee. 
  • You can freely make the name change with JetBlue Airlines under the 24-hour ticket policy, where changes are allowed at no additional cost charged within 24 hours of reservation of the fares. 

Descriptive details on the JetBlue Airlines name change process:

There are varied modes through which you can initiate the JetBlue name change on ticket, the details of which are given here to refer of:

Placing a call with the representative for name correction:

You can initiate the name change with the airline by placing a call at 1-800-JETBLUE(1-800-538-2583), which would connect you to the JetBlue team. The team would consider the scenario under which a name change needs to be initiated and proceed with the process by necessity. You would need to submit the proof of legal documents for the same, if any, and make the name change fee that would be charged as per the situation that has arisen.

Name correction with JetBlue via online mode:

Under conditions when the calling mode to commence the name change proves futile, you can opt for the online mode. It is indeed possible to make the JetBlue name change online by following through with the methodology that is explained here:

  • Skim through the official website and click on the Manage Trip icon.
  • Login with the credentials asked to retrieve the booking made. 
  • Scroll on to find the cancel option as per the requirement.
  • Initiate the cancellation of the segment against the PNR. 
  • Leave the ticket with the airline open and book a new PNR with the corrected name. 
  • Use the open ticket and get a reissue of the ticket purchase. 
  • The confirmation mail for the same will be shared accordingly.

Visiting the airport ticket counter for name change:

A direct visit to the airport for the much-required name change can be opted for under conditions other modes of the change process are futile. Herein, you can reach the airport ticket office, where the experienced staff would be present to provide the support needed. Give details on the change required and submit the legal documents so that the staff can proceed accordingly with the name change. 

Information on the change fee that gets levied for name change with JetBlue:

The overall fee charged by the airline depends on the type of change initiated and the conditions under which you have requested a change in the name made during the booking. Usually, the JetBlue name change fee ranges between 25 USD and 100 USD, which can change depending on the scenarios that have been put forth. 

Wrapping Up: Perusing the information given here on JetBlue name change, you would be able to comprehend the best way to make the change in the name well within the policies formulated.

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