Can I change Passenger Name on Pegasus?

Suppose you have booked a flight with Pegasus, and later, you notice a mistake in your name. It can happen due to autocorrect or due to any other reason. You might be worried about whether Pegasus Airlines Change Name is possible or not to board the flight because you may not be allowed to board the flight if your name does not match the government ID. The passengers cannot change their name on the ticket, but they can change some letters in their name, and this article will inform you completely about the name change at Pegasus.

What is Pegasus' cancellation policy?

Have you booked your flight with Pegasus, and now, for some reason, you had to cancel your flight? The airline advises you to cancel your flight, but first, you must inform yourself of the terms and conditions of Pegasus flight cancellation. To know the policies of Pegasus flight cancelation, read the points below:

  • Passengers get 24 hours from their booking to cancel their ticket for free. However, if they do not cancel their ticket within this period, they will have to pay a cancellation fee to the airline. 
  • If your flight is delayed by more than three hours, the airline allows you to cancel your flight and get a complete refund.
  • In case of natural disasters and bad weather, the airline will cancel the flight without any prior notification, considering the safety of the passengers. In this case, they are not liable to repay your ticket price.
  • The passengers who have a medical condition and, as per the doctor’s direction, have been advised to avoid traveling, they can cancel their flight and the airline will not charge any cancellation fee. Still, they must present the medical reports. 

What are the policies for name change at Pegasus?

It can happen that you made a spelling error in your name while booking your travel. In such a case, you might be looking to know what to do next because you may be stopped by the airline to board the flight if your name on the ticket does not match the passport or any other ID. You must read the Pegasus Airlines name correction policy and make changes accordingly. Read the points below to know the name change policies at Pegasus:

  • The passengers can change the ticket for 24 hours of their booking. Any change after this is subject to a fee. 
  • The passengers cannot change their complete names. They can change three characters in their name.
  • The name after the change must match the government ID. Otherwise, the airline will deny boarding to the passengers.
  • The passenger must be the same after the name change. They cannot transfer their ticket to another name.
  • If there is a legal condition, the airline allows the passenger to completely change their name, but they must present the documents to the airline.

What is the price for a name change at Pegasus?

The passengers who have bought their ticket and have made an error in their name will have to pay a price to rectify their name on the ticket. The airline charges between $50 and $200 for changing the name on the flight ticket. However, it is difficult to determine the correct price, and thus, they are advised to contact the airline’s representatives to know the exact Pegasus Airlines Name Change fee to be paid. 

What is the process to change the name at Pegasus?

The passengers who have made a mistake in typing their name while booking a flight might be interested in knowing how to change their name on the flight ticket. If you want to change their name on the ticket, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Pegasus Airlines.
  • At the top of the page, locate “Manage my Booking” and enter the booking reference code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Click retrieve booking and get the booking details. 
  • Now, reach to the menu and select the “Name Correction” option. 
  • Complete the form, mention the correct name and the flight details, and attach any documents with the correct name.
  • Pay and submit the form. The airline will rectify your name and send the details to your registered mobile and email ID.

Bottom Line

If you have booked your ticket with Pegasus and made an error in your name. You must rectify it before you board the flight for a hassle-free trip; this article will help you with that. However, if you are still unclear, visit the official site for more information.   

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