Can I change passenger name on Hawaiian Airlines?

At the time of making the reservation, there are several pieces of information that you have to provide, such as travel dates, complete name, age, etc., but at that time, if you mistakenly fill in any incorrect information, then you can modify it. Most airlines provide you the option of changing the details, and Hawaiian Airlines is one of them; while traveling with them, you will avail of services such as special assistance for disabled passengers, allowance for extra baggage, etc. While making the bookings with this airline, if you accidentally fill in any incorrect name that you want to correct but need to be made aware of the airline's name change policies, methods of the name change, etc., then you can go through below. 

What are the name change policies on Hawaiian Airlines? 

There are different policies given by Hawaiian Airlines, and having information about those policies is essential as it will help you to know whether you have to pay the charges for a name change or not. If you need details about the name change policies of Hawaiian Airlines, then you can go through the details below. 

  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy, you can change the name without paying any additional cost if you do it within 24 hours of bookings and the time left in the departure is more than three days. Still, if you surpass the free modification window, then you will need to pay the charges. 
  • To change the name, you have to provide all the official documents with the correct name, and you have to show those documents at the airport as well. 
  • You can only able to change three to four letters of your name, but if you want to replace more letters, then you need to connect with the representatives. The airlines are only allowed to change the name at once, and in that space, characters and initials are included.
  • If the ticket is partly used or if the passenger's DOB does not match the new name, then they are not allowed to change the name. 
  • If the traveler wants to travel with two different names and have two different valid passports with those names, then they will need to purchase different tickets with those names. 
  • After making the flight bookings, if a traveler gets married or divorced, then they will need to show the legal documents to the airline's representative to change the name, and for that, they will not need to pay any charges. 
  • If you want to extend your initials, middle name, nickname, or surname, or if you change the order of your name, then you will not need to pay any charges. 
  • A name change is not allowed by the airlines if the passenger wants to do it after making the check-in, or they are not allowed to swap the complete name with any other name. 

What are the modes to change the name with Hawaiian Airlines?

There are different online and offline modes available using which you can make the Hawaiian Airlines name change, but in case you are not aware of those modes, then go through the information below. 

Use the official website: By using the official website of Hawaiian Airlines, you can do various things, and a name change is one of them. Case if you do not have information about the name change process, then you can go through with the below points. 

  • Open to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines 
  • Now opt for the manage booking option in which you have to provide your surname with the PNR number 
  • Following this, choose the name change tap and then fill out the correct name 
  • After that, attach the correct documents with that name and save the changes 
  • Next, if there are any fees available, then use your card or online mode to pay that 

Communicate with the representatives: Sometimes, you are unable to change the name using the online mode due to a busy site or a long process. In such a situation, you can also communicate with the customer service team. To reach their customer service in the most convenient mode, you need to go with the call option, and to communicate on call; you must make the call to this number 1 (800) 367-5320 and form the options of the IVR and make the selection of that which is relevant to your queries. 

What are the charges that you have to pay for a name change on Hawaiian Airlines? 

The name change charges on Hawaiian Airlines will vary as per the number of letters you are changing, but still, you have to pay the charges between 100 USD and 160 USD.

By the above, you will know about the Hawaiian Airlines name change fee and other information; still, if you want more details, then you can reach to their official website. 

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