Can I change name on Asiana Airlines?

Making bookings with Asiana Airlines is always a beneficial option as while traveling, you will get different facilities like assistance for disabled passengers, allowance for pet traveling, easy refund on the cancelation, etc. While making the booking, you have to provide different information, and your name is one of them; while filling in the name, if you mistakenly provide any incorrect word or mention the wrong spelling of your name, you will get the option to change the name. Before changing the name, if you are looking for the details about the name change policies, process, charges, etc., at Asiana Airlines, then go through the below. 

What are the policies of name changes at Asiana Airlines? 

There are Asiana Airlines name correction policy given by Asiana Airlines, and having the information about those policies is essential as it will help you know whether you have to pay the charges for a name change. If you are unaware of those policies, you can go through them below. 

  • To change the name, you must provide official documents or valid ID proof with the correct name, and those documents are needed at the airport. 
  • If you want to change the name due to your marriage or divorce after the booking, you have to provide the certificates. 
  • You can only change three letters of your name, including initial, middle, or surname, but in case you are looking to change more letters, then you must communicate with the representatives of the airlines. 
  • If you want to extend your middle name or add a first name, you will not need to pay charges, but you are only allowed to change the name once, and the space characters are included. 
  • If you have two different passports with two different tickets, you have to purchase different tickets for each name, and the airlines allow you to change the order of the name without paying charges. 

How do I change the name on my plane ticket? 

There are numerous online or offline mediums active using which you can change the name on the Asiana Airlines flight ticket, and if you do not have details about those modes, then you can go through below. 

Use the official website: 

You can use the official website of Asiana Airlines to change the name but to use this mode, you have to follow the process mentioned below. 

  • Go to the official website of Asiana Airlines 
  • Following this, you must tap on the manage booking option 
  • Further, fill out the last name with the booking reference number
  • Next, choose the change name tap and fill out the correct name
  • Then save the change, and if there are any charges available, pay them

Communicate with representatives:

You can also communicate with the representatives of Asiana Airlines to change the name, and while connecting with the representatives, you will know about the airline policies for name change and other details. To change the name, call this number +1-800-227-4262 and then choose the comfortable connecting language. After that, form the IVR and choose one relevant to your queries. 

By the above, you will know about the Asiana Airlines name change; still, for more details, you can also reach to the Asiana Airlines official website. 

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