Can I cancel my flight with Southwest?

Yes, you can cancel your flight with Southwest Airlines. In order to conduct that, you have to accomplish a set of rules and regulations. Further, those provisions can be located in the Southwest cancellation policy. Thus, you can be aware of its stated provision from the bottom points:-

  • A complimentary duration for canceling a flight on Southwest Airlines is 24 hours. However, the airfare must be purchased within seven days of departure.
  • If your grace time gets lapsed, then the airline could take a penalty for the same. The flight ticket and routes could determine this.
  • When you hold a Business Select/Anytime ticket and don't cancel your booking before 10 minutes of flight departure, then your amount could be converted to transferable flight credit.
  • A reason for canceling a booking is an illness or medical emergency, then, you can be exempted from any additional charges. But the document concerning this has to be approved by the airlines.
  •  If a flight gets delayed more than four hours without any prior information, then you can get a risk-free cancellation without any add-on charges.
  • When you didn't book a fare from the airline and chose a travel agent for the same, then you would have to approach them for approval, not the airlines. 

Can I cancel a Southwest flight and get my money back?

Yes, you can cancel a Southwest flight and get your money back. Further, you can get multiple modes to conduct the procedure and get information about those by referring to the bottom titles.

Use a phone number

The cancellation and refund process of an airline includes a number of mini-steps, but you can bypass such a procedure by giving a ring to the airline. There, you can connect with humans and explore everything in it. For that, you can use the Southwest cancellation refund contact number, 1 (800) 435-9792, and then select a relevant option from the telephone menu.

Apply for canceling refund online

You can face difficulty connecting with airline customer service on a call, and the other way to complete the task is using an online mode. In this manner, you can keep an eye on every detail and complete it. Hence, the process of getting this has been listed at the bottom:-

  • Reach to the official webpage of Southwest Airlines 
  • Later, click on the “change/cancel” icon 
  • There, submit a confirmation number with your first and last name.
  • And then, choose the cancel icon
  • On the next tab, itinerary details could be shared, and there, click on the confirm cancellation.
  • Then, carry out the online process and click on the finish icon.
  • Once a cancelation step is completed, then select the “refund” option.
  • Thereafter, complete the information needed in the form and click on the submit.
  • Further, you can get details in the registered email and phone number.

Get to the airline counter at the airport

Southwest Airlines might be referred to as an economical one, but they serve various destinations. Further, you can find its office in those locations to offer appropriate services. However, if the online modes mentioned here didn't aid in getting a request done, then you can visit the nearby airport. On the account, you may have to share an asked information, and then your request can be completed. 

What are the cancellation fees of Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines offers a free cancellation window, but that time frame could be applied for a specific rule and class. If you do not fall into any of these, then the airline could apply a fee to conduct the procedure. However, the Southwest Cancellation fee could be around $80 to $450. When urged to determine a cost prior to canceling the fare, then connect with their customer service and have one.

What is the refund time on Southwest Airlines?

When you successfully appeal for a refund on Southwest Airlines, then under a certain prescribed period, money could be reflected in your account. Further, you can seek detailed information about that from the underneath:-

  • If a transaction has been done through a credit card, then a refund can be processed within seven working days.

  • Other payment modes can take more than 20 business days.

Final thought

When you go through subheads, you can get ample information about Southwest Cancellation rules, process, cost, and refund time. If your query gets left out, then you can speak with the customer service team and have a solution.

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