What if I Cancel my Brussels Airlines flight?

Brussels Airlines is the largest airline in Belgium and has been caring for the country's reputation for years. The airline is well-known for providing passengers with the best help and assistance at the airport and during their flights. They have also eased out many rules and regulations for the people to give them the best and most comfortable flight experience. For instance, if, due to any unavoidable circumstance, the passengers have to request to cancel their flight, in that case, there is a higher chance that they will get a refund for their flight ticket. However, before making the cancellation, they must learn the rules and regulations mentioned under the cancellation policy.

Get Familiar with Brussels Airlines Cancellation Policy.

  • As per the 24-hour risk-free period, the passengers can initiate the cancellation process within 24 hours of booking without paying any cancellation charges. This rule applies to reservations made at least seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • Suppose the airline cancels your flight ticket due to overbooking or technical issues. In that case, they will be liable to provide the passengers with a complete refund of the ticket amount to the passengers.
  • If the cancellation of the flight ticket is made due to any medical emergency, in that case as well, there will be no cancellation charges. However, the passengers need to submit the necessary documents supporting the reason for their cancellation.
  • If there is more than three hours delay in the scheduled departure, the passengers proceed to forge cancellation. Then the airline will provide them with a complete refund along with compensation for the inconvenience caused to them due to the delay.
  • If the passengers have made the reservation of their flight ticket with the help of a travel agent, they need to ask the agent to proceed with the flight cancellation.
  • If the connecting flight of the passengers got canceled and the airline doesn't have any alternate flight to their destination. In that case, they will get a refund of their connecting flight amount.

The process of making flight cancellations with Brussels Airlines

The steps that need to be followed to process the online cancellation of your flight ticket are mentioned here for you as follows.

  • The passenger has to start the process by visiting the official website of Brussels Airlines https://www.brusselsairlines.com/us/en/homepage   
  • Search and select the 'My Bookings' option once you reach the airline's homepage.
  • A mini dropdown menu will appear on your screen, in which you have to mention the booking code and the surname of the passengers and click on the option of 'Find Bookings.'
  • You'll get onto the flight details page, where you have to select the cancellation option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process, after which you'll get onto the payment page.
  • Follow the on-screen information to make the payment for the cancellation charges.
  • Once the process is complete, the confirmation will be sent to your registered email.

Brussels Airlines Cancellation Fee

There is no specific amount given by the airline as their cancellation fee, as it depends upon various factors, including the fare type, the filth class in which the reservation is made, the distance covered by the aircraft, and the time left for the scheduled departure. In case the cancellation fee is higher than the standard fare+international charges. The airline will charge you the amount that is lower than both.

Can I get a refund?

The passengers can get a Brussels Airlines refund for canceled flights by calling the customer service representative or filling out the online refund form. The steps to fill out the refund form are below for you.

  • Start the process by visiting the official website of Brussels Airlines and selecting the option of 'Plan & Manage.'
  • A drop-down menu will appear on your screen, from which you have to select the 'Cancel & Refund option.'
  • You will get redirected to the next page, where you have to select the option 'request a refund online.'
  • You'll get redirected to the page, where you have to enter the PNR number as well as the last name of the passenger and proceed to get onto the refund form.
  • You need to fill out the basic and reservation details of your booking.
  • You may also declare the reason for the cancellation of your flight ticket.
  • Do a quick check-in before the final submission of your form, and the refund will get credited to your account in 5 to 7 business days.

Refund Rules of Brussels Airline

The airline has bifurcated the refund amount per the different fare types, which are as follows.

Domestic Flight

  • The passengers traveling in a short or medium-haul flight under Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Business Saver will only get a refund of their airport taxes if they proceed with the cancellation.
  • If they travel under economy flex or business flex class, their basic fare, international surcharge, and airport taxes will be refundable.

International Flight

  • The passengers traveling on an international flight under light and basic fare will not get a refund of any amount from their flight fare.
  • Basic fare, international surcharge, and airport taxes will be refundable on the passengers traveling in a basic plus, basic plus I, and flex fare.

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